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This post summarizes my plan to double my bitcoin every 100 days.

I prefer with most of my Bitcoin to day commerce bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Recently I wanted researched ways to place my stagnant bitcoin to work.


I believed cloud mining and “real” mining, but after reviewing the very modest return on investment I decided it wasn’t worth it.

Poloniex Lending

Even the best returns were not worth my time or investment.

Passive Income

I found 2 companies that give a daily return on bitcoin investment:

  1. Bitconnect (approx 1 percent daily)
  2. USI-Tech (approx 1 percent per day on weekdays)

I chose to go with USI-Tech as they’re much more transparent and open on how they earn their money. The are a registered company with a real address with its operators and CEOs open and available.

Where CEO Ralf Gold answers all manner of questions about the company you will discover interviews and articles.

How it Works and My Plan

There are videos on the usi tech home page of the site describing how the program works, so I am not going to go into that here.

I analyzed the platform to make certain it actually paid out and see how everything works.

I am going to begin with one Bitcoin and set my reinvestment amount to 100%.

100 days.

Once you register for free here – you can access the calculator.

Here is the calculation for my 100 Day Plan

After 340 Days…

As you can see, the first 1 BTC investment 100% re-invested and the power of compound now is over 7 BTC.


The obvious risk is that the company turns out to be a scam and you lose your money.

I would not invest your life savings .

I take a bit of comfort in seeing the payouts up to now and also the many people posting online their success with the organization.

I have searched high and low and nobody has lost money… yet.

CEO Ralf Gold gets drilled in the movie below about questions you’re most likely raising in your head right now…

[embedded material]

If you signup, I will add you to our personal facebook group where we discuss investment plans.

Free Bitcoin Contest – We’re giving away 0.25 bitcoin monthly. This is enough to get your first BTC bundle on USI Tech (if you wish)

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