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First things first: I do not care about resistance.

It does not effect my trading much, although I might take some gains around resistance regions. . Its all about support/bases. . Lets try to know what those regions that are support/base are telling us and dive into the charts.

As you can see I usually layer and get size the better the deal gets. But it takes time to feel comfortable trading in this manner, so keep your trade size out.

What were the two main points of the video:

(1) When evaluating a base, the bigger the bounce (response) off that base, the more safe it will be when there’s a crack (surprise). . Draw on your support/bases at the bottom of the bounces that are big.
(2) Keep your bases current. You don’t have to go a month or two back to look for regions of support.

Please let me know when you catch a panic dive that is fantastic and make some $ $. I love to hear everyone making trades that are safe that are good.


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